Helpful Tips To Keep Your Office Clean

Did you know that a clean office environment can see a huge increase in productivity levels? Not only this, but it can also make your staff feel more valued and appreciated. Having a clean workplace may also protect against harmful bacteria and the spread of sickness. 

In this blog, we share our advice for keeping office spaces clean and tidy. Keep reading to find out our top tips!

Vacuum Regularly

Making use of the vacuum is a great place to start when it comes to keeping your office clean. Vacuuming is brilliant for removing surface-level dirt, however, it also sucks up dust and other debris that may have settled deep within your flooring. What’s more, frequent vacuuming is important to prevent allergies and even asthma attacks from occurring. We recommend vacuuming high-traffic areas every other day, and carrying out a full-scale operation once per week. If you’re planning on dusting windowsills, corners or any other areas, make sure you do this before vacuuming!

Vacuuming the office

Hire A Cleaning Company

One of the best ways to ensure your office stays spic and span is by hiring a professional cleaning company. They will be able to restore your workplace to its former glory, enhancing the general space and also improving hygiene. What’s more, they will also be able to undertake any jobs you aren’t so keen to get stuck in with yourself! The team at B&S Cleaning are experts when it comes to cleaning workplaces. So, if your establishment is in need of a quality clean, please arrange our reputable office cleaning services today.

Invest In A Dishwasher

Investing in a dishwasher is a great way to improve the overall appearance and cleanliness of your office. Gone are the days of overcrowded sinks and soaking wet tea-towels! With a dishwasher, your surface areas will be far tidier and you will also lessen the chances of your staff getting sick. This is because washing-up sponges actually carry a significant amount of bacteria – who’d have thought?

Disinfect Touch Points

Common touch points such as door handles, light switches and even the kettle are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. So, protect your staff from getting poorly by frequently disinfecting these areas. Giving them a quick wipe with an anti-bacterial disinfectant will help to prevent coughs, colds and other illnesses from spreading around the workplace. Not to mention, it will also get rid of those pesky marks left from fingerprints!

For Workplace & Office Cleaning, Choose B&S

Please get in touch with our helpful team today to schedule our expert cleaning services. We are confident we can make any room sparkle! To find out more or to obtain a quote, contact us today.

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