Graffiti Removal Bristol

Need someone to perform a graffiti removal Bristol or Bedminster? At B&S Cleaning, we understand how graffiti can have a detrimental effect on your business or property. It is not only unappealing to look at, but it can deter potential customers and employees. Therefore, we provide our clients with thorough and efficient graffiti removal services, as well as graffiti prevention methods. From media blasting to oxidising poultice, we have the skills and equipment necessary to remove even the most stubborn graffiti. Whether you are in Bristol or anywhere else in the UK, get in touch with B&S Cleaning for a free and competitive estimate. Call us today on 0117 966 3162.

Graffiti Removal Services

We work across the UK removing graffiti for all kinds of organisations including private companies, landlords, commercial businesses and local authorities. Our team have the knowledge and expertise to remove the most stubborn markings, leaving your property looking welcoming and safe once more. 

before photo of large amounts of graffiti on a wall followed by photo of the wall after graffiti cleaning services

Graffiti Cleaning Gallery

Media Blasting

Our media blasting method uses bicarbonate of soda to gently eliminate paint products from the substrate surface. While it is like sandblasting, it is not as abrasive, so, it will not damage the surface of your property.

Oxidising Poultice

This is a method of applying a solution held in a paste form, to the substrate. The reason for the paste is to ensure that the solution is in contact with the surface for a prolonged period and does not dry out. The poultice is left for up to 24 hours, while it oxidises the pigment from the paint before being removed, again with hot water.

For more information or to book a free estimate for our graffiti removal Bristol, please contact us on 0117 966 3162.

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